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Unipar occupies a 40,000 sq. ft . facility located in St Louis, MO, specializing in EMD® engine components, with emphasis on the EMD® Power Assembly. For nearly 40 years, Unipar has supplied precision built Power Assemblies to Rail, Marine, and Industrial customers worldwide. We have the capability to produce Power Assemblies in almost any configuration (all new, all remanufactured, or a combination of both). Experienced technicians, time tested processes, specialized machinery, and multiple testing stations enable us to maintain the highest standards in the industry. Our Quality System is certified under the AAR-M1003 Specification. For more information about Power Assemblies from Unipar, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Below are common part numbers for EMD® power assemblies for a variety of applications. These are numbers that Unipar uses on a regular basis for rail application customers. If you do not see your specific part number listed, please contact one of our sales specialist, to assist in cross-referencing your number!

567BC HLP CAST OR CHROME 9556737 567B FORK 8457658 567B BLADE 8457657
567C HLP CAST OR CHROME 9338598 567BC FORK 8444505 567BC BLADE 8444506
645E HLP CHROME 9332671 567C FORK 8444280 567C BLADE 8444281
645E HLP CAST 9332388 567D3 FORK 8434267 567D3 BLADE 8434268
645E3 HLP CHROME 9331782 645BE FORK 8456211 645BE BLADE 8456210
645E3 HLP CAST 9326099 645E FORK CHROME 9332673 645E BLADE CHROME 9332675
645E3B HLP CHROME 9527325 645E FORK CAST 9514327 645E BLADE CAST 9088370
645E3B HLP CAST 9527321 645E FORK HUB 9575678 645 BLADE HUB 9575677
645E3C HLP CHROME 9559607 645E3 FORK CHROME 9328184 645E3 BLADE CHROME 9328186
645E3C HLP CAST 9550600 645E3 FORK CAST 8467560 645E3 BLADE CAST 8467562
710 HLP (L11 LINER) 40029419 645E3 FORK HUB 40023575 645E3 BLADE HUB 40023577
    645E3B FORK CHROME 9527317 645E3B BLADE CHROME 9527319
    645E3B FORK HUB 9575840 645E3B BLADE HUB 9575841
    645E3C FORK CHROME 9550606 645E3C BLADE CHROME 9550605
    645E3C FORK HUB 9578251 645E3C BLADE HUB 9578249
    710 FORK (L11 LINER) 40032288 710 BLADE (L11 LINER) 40032287


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