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Unipar, LLC.
7210 Polson Ln
Hazelwood, MO 63042
P: (314) 521-8100
F: (314) 521-8052

If you have any questions about us or our inventory, please do not hesitate to give us a call or even feel free to come by and visit us. Customer service is a priority at UNIPAR, so we want to make sure we are doing our best to help you find the parts you need to get your engines back up and running.



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Everett Hilliard

Owner and President
P: (501) 851-0510 x111
C: (501) 258-2198

Everett has been in the diesel engine industry since 1976 which gives him expansive knowledge about the industry. Everett and his wife, Brenda, founded Hilliard Enterprises in 1989 and purchased Unipar in 2008. Everett is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys hunting and fishing with his friends and family. Everett and Brenda have two children, Emmy who is a student at the University of Arkansas, and Drake who serves as the General Manager of Unipar.

Brenda Hilliard

P: (501) 851-0510 x116

Brenda and Everett founded HEI in 1989, and have since remained active in the day to day operations of HEI. She has been very hands on since the purchase of Unipar and continues to give her insight and expertise to Unipar and its' employees. Brenda and Everett have two children, Emmy who is a student at the University of Arkansas, and Drake who serves as General Manager of Unipar.

Drake Hilliard

General Manager
P: (314) 521-8100 x118 OR x203
C: (501) 626-4188

Drake has been involved in the engine industry almost his entire life. Beginning with spending time at Hilliard Enterprises as a child and working closely with his Dad, Everett, and as a teenager. Drake has been involved as a member of the Sales and Management team over recent years for both Unipar and HEI. As of September 2019, Drake assumed the role of General Manager of Unipar, LLC. Drake is a graduate of the University of Arkansas, Sam M. Walton College of Business, as well as a former member of the Arkansas Razorbacks Football staff. He enjoys spending time hunting, fishing, golfing, and spending time out on the lake with his friends and family.

Mark Cleveland

rsz 1mark cleveland 2020

Vice President of Sales
P: (314) 521-8100 x204
C: (314) 409-7872


After graduating college in 1980, Mark started looking for a job and found his way to Texas to work for Stewart & Stevenson handling the Overseas Operations Department. He would then make his way to Diesel Engine and Fabricating, a re-builder of EMD marine and power generation engine packages. After that he became involved in representing companies in the rail industry to mainly Mexican railways for engine parts and maintenance of way equipment. In 1995 he moved to St. Louis to accept a job with Unipar, where he has been ever since, traveling the world, developing new clients and making new friends.

Scott Burgess

Operations/QA Manager
P: (314) 521-8100 x209

Scott has been with Unipar for nearly 40 years. In his time at Unipar, he has helped perfect an array of processes as well as the design of cylinder heads, liners, pistons, and more. With his dedication and knowledge, Scott leads our team in producing the best engine components for your EMD engines!

Dennis McClure

rsz 1dennis mcclure 2020


Director of Special Projects
P: (314) 521-8100 x208


Dennis currently serves as Director of Special Projects and assists with current and future projects, AAR documentation, as well as assist with sales. Dennis has over 40 years of experience in the diesel engine industry and brings a unique viewpoint and vision to the Unipar team. Dennis is the former President of UNIPAR and spent 25 years in that position.


Larry Wadeking

Production Manager
P: (314) 521-8100 x210

Larry is the production manager for the Hazelwood, MO facility. With nearly 30 years at Unipar, Larry offers a unique perspective of power assembly production, and leads our team to build the best EMD power packs on the market!

April Turney-Brucks

Accounts Receivable
P: (501) 851-0510 x110

April has been working at Unipar for 9 years, starting as an receptionist and Everett's assistant and then moving into Accounts Payable and then into Accounts Receivables. April is married to Kenny Brucks and together they have 3 grown girls. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and fishing.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable
P: (501) 851-0510 x112

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